Bradley and Kayla

Candid Photos of a Lifetime went to Bathurst to photograph Bradley and Kayla’s wedding.

Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p001 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p013 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p027 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p032 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p041 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p018 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p045 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p050 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p075 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p078 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p111 (Medium)Elliott Bradley and Kayla-p002 (Medium)

Bathurst Wedding Photography:  Candid Photos of a Lifetime
Oberon Wedding Photographer:  Candid Photos of a Lifetime

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