Stuart and Kirstyn

Candid Photos of a Lifetime travelled to Allview Escape in Blackheath to photograph the wedding of Stuart and Kirstyn.

Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p001 (Medium)

Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p002 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p003 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p009 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p011 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p041 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p050 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p052 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p074 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p105 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p119 (Medium)Stuart & Kirstyn Peel-p121 (Medium)

Blue Mountains Wedding photography – Candid Photos of a Lifetime
Oberon Wedding photographer – Candid Photos of a Lifetime


Kirstyn And Stuart
We loved loved loved our photos that Wendy Of Candid Photos Of A Lifetime done for us. We received all our photos back within 2 weeks and they are amazing. Wendy was there also with a helper at 5:30 taking photos of the sunrise and didn’t finish until late… You can really tell she loves what she does and will do anything to make sure you get the best photos… I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great photographer to capture your special day, and she is also a beautiful lady, someone who you will be happy to spend your special with.  I highly recommend Wendy.  She has done a fantastic job on our photos.

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