Oberon Wedding, Waldara – John & Cleanthi

What a wonderful day full of surprises, secrets, and multiple weather conditions the bride & groom experienced on their special day, 12 March 2016.

There were many surprises and secrets throughout the day…   these are but a few of the surpises:

* the bride & groom giving each other a gift (whilst not being able to see each other behind a wooden barn door), but the groom believed the bride was wearing her wedding dress, when in fact all she was wearing was her gown & special lingerie

* telling the bridesmaids they were riding Harley Davidson’s to the wedding ceremony location

* no one (except for mum) had seen the bride’s wedding gown, so it was a complete surprise to everyone

* surprises for the guests who had no idea the bridesmaids were arriving on Harley Davidson motor bikes

* and, as the Bridal Party were being announced and walking into the reception, the bride & groom snuck in a back door, and quietly sat at the bridal table, completely unaware to all guests that they had entered the reception…  until they were announced and the MC pointed to the bridal table.

Weather wise – it started out with a completely clear sky, and a gorgeous sunrise, followed by a light rain shower (1 hour before the ceremony), then a heavy downpour (when the “bridal party photos” were about to start, to finally, a clear a star filled evening.

Everything was done on the beautiful “Waldara Farm” Oberon…  15 mins out of Oberon.

Wedding photographer – Candid Photos of a Lifetime
Flowers – Vanessa Pringle Floral Designs
Cake – Jamie’s Cake Decorating
Cars / Transport – bride’s father’s Harley (& his mates Harley’s)
Celebrant – Ruth MaCauley
Reception – Waldara Farm

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Oberon Wedding Photography:  Candid Photos of a Lifetime
Oberon Wedding Photographer:  Candid Photos of a Lifetime