Mulgoa wedding – Guy & Kobi

Friday 13 October, 2017 …  Guy & Kobi got married.

It was a glorious spring day, the sun was shining, it was Friday the 13th !  It was also the bride & grooms’ 10 year anniversary !

The bride, Kobi wore a beautiful black laced full length gown, with white converse runners, and rocked her amazing bright blue hair, while the bridesmaids wore white dresses with neutral shoes. They carried small bouquets of native flowers that the bride put together.

Guy and his son wore blue suits, and bow ties, and Guy wore puma runners.

The wedding ceremony, formals, and the reception was conducted at the stunning Mulgoa Valley Receptions . The ceremony was performed at the rotunda in the garden, and the formals being photographed down near the water and on the little jetty.  The reception was held in the function room, and was decorated beautifully.

As a unique touch, as each guest was ushered into the reception, they were all handed a little shot glass, with the instruction that they weren’t to drink it until instructed to do so.  As soon as the bride & groom walked in to their reception, and got to their bridal table, they remained standing and the MC announced…  “please take a shot because Guy & Kobi tied the knot”.  Everyone drank it together.

Their wedding cake topper was also unique.  It was based on 2 Tim Burton movies  – the Nightmare before Christmas, and The Corpse Bride.  On the back of the cake was a small picture of the “Deathly Hallows” symbols from Harry Potter  as well as small picture of a spray can.  Both pictures on the cake represented something that both Guy & Kobi liked.

Their bridal dance was to Bob Marley’s “Is this love?”

Many congratulations to you both.