Oberon Wedding – Dallas & Jess

Saturday 17 February 2018…  what a glorious day it was !
A week prior to this beautiful event, the bride was admitted into hospital with pneumonia (in both lungs), and was only discharged the afternoon prior to her “big day”. This made planning, and getting organised a little more challenging than most weddings, but, with the love and help from many people, everything was taken care of and her wedding day turned out beautifully.  (She did still have to take it a little easy though !)

The bride and groom both got dressed out at Mutton Falls B&B (in separate rooms), and the ceremony, (most) formals, and the reception were all held on the beautiful grounds of Mutton Falls B&B.

Congratulations to you both, and to Zander xxx

Photographer: Candid Photos of a Lifetime
Florist: For Ever Bouquets Florist
Cake: Cake Dreaming with Diane
Hair & Makeup: Flair Hair Studio
Transport: Mountain Top Limousine Service
Ceremony, Formals & Reception venue: Mutton Falls B&B. Pet Friendly