Lithgow Wedding – Terry & Tara

03/03/18….  it was a glorious day for the wedding of Terry & Tara.

Tara arrived at her wedding ceremony in Terry’s ute (which was driven by her dad), and pulled up right beside the aisle that she was about to walk down.  The bridesmaids (and bridesman) walked down the aisle, then Tara (with assistance from her dad) got out of the car and made her spectacular appearance, then walked down the aisle to Terry.  She looked beautiful.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cold drinks and canapes while the bridal party went to take a few “formal” photographs.  Once the formals photographs were completed, everyone just enjoyed chatting, drinking, and overall, being relaxed.

The reception followed and was also a very relaxed and enjoyable time.

Ceremony, formals and reception were conducted on the grounds of the Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park and Railway.

Many congratulations to this wonderful couple.